What do you expect from your Timberland Property?

ATI is uniquely qualified to help determine and meet your objectives for your timberland property.

Top dollar for timber sold: Whether you sell timber 2 times or 30 times in your lifetime, most landowners expect top dollar every time they sell timber. We can help you get top market value every time you sell through our extensive knowledge and daily contacts with all major timber markets throughout Alabama and Georgia. We can also help you maximize your property’s income producing potential through expert timber management advice, and through implementing management activities that will maximize timber production on your property.

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“Your timberland property is a long term investment that has many other values besides income from timber, such as: wildlife, recreational activities, clean water, aesthetics and natural beauty, among others. We can help you maintain or increase these values by applying good forestry practices that are designed specifically to your land.”
-AU Timberlands

Professional service: ATI is uniquely qualified to provide you with many Forestry Services. Our Foresters are registered with the State, which means they have advanced degrees in Forestry from accredited institutions and extensive Forestry experience. Two of ATI’s Foresters have been awarded “Outstanding Forester of the Year” for the State of Alabama by the Society of American Foresters.

ATI Forester qualifications also include Certified Prescribed Burners, Licensed Herbicide Applicator, Professional Logging Manager, Tree Farm Inspector, Forest Business Management Specialist, Pine and Hardwood Management Specialist, among others. ATI Contract Logging Crews are certified by the State as well, and specialize in different harvesting methods to accomplish the harvest goals prescribed for your timber stand by ATI Foresters.

ATI Foresters are qualified to recommend and provide all types of Forestry Services including but not limited to timber harvesting and marketing, timber management, site preparation and tree planting, forest management plans, timber appraisals, forest road construction, controlled burning, and wildlife habitat improvement.